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  • SaniSnooze Moon Incontinence Mattress Foam Layers

    SaniSnooze Moon Mattress

    The Original Bedwetting Mattress for Adults
    From: $436.50

    The SaniSnooze™ Moon Mattress is the original bedwetting and incontinence mattress for adults. The Moon Mattress is made with a single foam layer, soft-touch waterproof cover and secondary fluid proof barrier for added protection.

  • SaniSnooze Sky Incontinence Mattress Foam Layers

    SaniSnooze Sky Mattress

    Waterproof Mattress for Adult Incontinence
    From: $457.50

    The SaniSnooze™ Sky Mattress is perfect for adults struggling with either short or long term incontinence who are looking for additional comfort. The Sky Mattress is made with an 8” thick foam core made up of two independent foam layers providing extra comfort and support. 

  • SaniSnooze Cloud Incontinence Mattress Foam Layers

    SaniSnooze Cloud Mattress

    Cooling Gel Foam Mattress for Adult Bedwetting & Incontinence
    From: $548.50

    The SaniSnooze™ Cloud Mattress features three layers of foam making this our most comfortable bedwetting mattress yet! Our Cloud Mattress is ideal for adults suffering from long-term incontinence, nocturnal enuresis and bedwetting. Made with gel-infused memory foam, our mattress offers exceptional pressure redistribution and cool gel technology.

  • SaniSnooze Cloud XL Incontinence Mattress Foam Layers

    SaniSnooze Cloud XL Bedwetting Mattress

    Bariatric Incontinence Mattress for Individuals up to 500 lbs
    From: $518.50

    The SaniSnooze™ Cloud XL Mattress is ideal for heavy adults suffering from long-term incontinence and bedwetting. The Cloud XL is made with high density foam to provide added support for those who prefer a firmer sleep surface or overweight adults.

  • SaniSnooze Kid’s Bedwetting Mattress

    SaniSnooze Bedtime Kids Mattress

    Antibacterial Waterproof Bedwetting Mattress for Kids
    From: $338.50

    The SaniSnooze Bedtime Kids Bedwetting Mattress is the best bedwetting mattress for kids. Designed specifically for toddlers and young kids, the Bedtime Bedwetting Mattress provides a quick and easy clean up for all potty training messes.

  • SaniSnooze Scholar Waterproof Mattress

    SaniSnooze Scholar Mattress

    Waterproof Mattress for Teenage Enuresis & Bedwetting
    From: $368.50

    The SaniSnooze™ Scholar Mattress is the best mattress for teenagers and young adults dealing with nighttime bedwetting and enuresis. The Scholar Mattress is made from a solid foam core with a soft-touch waterproof cover, providing ultimate comfort and the assurance that your mattress will remain dry all night long. 

  • Waterproof Crib Mattress

    SaniSnooze Sweet Dreams Waterproof Crib Mattress

    Antimicrobial Waterproof Crib Mattress for Babies & Toddlers

    Designed specifically for babies and toddlers, the SaniSnooze Sweet Dreams Crib Mattress is easy to clean and sanitize. Our ultra-soft, waterproof cover features a secondary fluid barrier to help protect your baby’s mattress core from accidents, in addition to household allergens, mold, mildew, moisture, dust mites and bed bugs.


Mattress Covers

  • SaniSnooze Crib Mattress Cover

    SaniSnooze Crib Mattress Cover

    Antibacterial Waterproof Mattress Cover for Crib Mattress
    $76.50 SHOPSHOP
  • SaniSnooze Mattress Cover

    SaniSnooze Original Mattress Cover

    Best Waterproof Mattress Protector for Bedwetting
    From: $106.50 SHOPSHOP


  • FitRight Restore Super Incontinence Briefs

    Super Incontinence Briefs with Remedy Nourishing Skin Cream
    From: $33.50 SHOPSHOP
  • FitRight Stretch Ultra Incontinence Briefs

    flexible stretch panels - Waist Size : 30" - 52"
    From: $34.50 SHOPSHOP
  • FitRight Extra Incontinence Briefs

    cloth-like back sheet provides discreet protection
    From: $30.50 SHOPSHOP
  • FitRight Basic Incontinence Briefs

    Moderate absorbency for total incontinence protection
    From: $31.50 SHOPSHOP
  • FitRight Baribrief Bariatric Adult Incontinence Briefs

    FitRight Cloth-Like Bariatric Briefs for Waist Size 65"-94"
    $53.50 SHOPSHOP
  • Reusable Incontinence Pad

    Reusable Incontinence Pad

    SaniSnooze durable, comfortable twill facing underpad
    $29.50 SHOPSHOP






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