Double-Sided Mattress
Double-Sided Mattress

Double-Sided Mattresses: The Benefits

Flippable, double-sided mattresses are comfortable because both sides are designed to provide support. Customers often wonder if they are preferable to single-sided mattresses. In this blog, we will look at the features of double-sided mattresses and compare them to their single-sided counterparts. 

What are double-sided mattresses?

Single-sided mattresses are made from the ground up so only the top surface is comfortable for sleeping. Double-sided mattresses have high-quality materials on the top and bottom like a sandwich.  You can sleep comfortably on either side, which essentially doubles the lifespan of the mattress. Single-sided mattresses can be rotated while double-sided mattresses can also be flipped.  This ensures better weight distribution and a more even distribution of wear and tear.  You get a fresh surface to rest on while the other side springs back to its previous shape.   


Flippable mattresses provide certain key features that single-sided mattresses do not.  For instance, they must have flame retardant materials on both the top and bottom surfaces.  This provides additional protection in the event of a fire. Double-sided mattresses provide a greater return on investment because they do not need to be replaced as often. They also wind up in landfills less frequently, causing less impact on the environment. 

SaniSnooze is the ultimate double-sided waterproof mattress

SaniSnooze mattresses provide all the comfort of a double-sided mattress along with protection against spills and accidents.  Dual layers of high-quality CertiPUR-US® foam gently cushion your shoulders, hip and back.  The soft vinyl cover ensures that the mattress always remains dry, even when it is flipped, because of its secondary fluid barrier. The entire mattress is surrounded by a fire retardant fiber barrier that is certified to meet 16 CFR Part 1633 standards.

Double-Sided Mattresses

Final thoughts

When it comes to the flip side, SaniSnooze is the ideal solution for children and adults of all ages with every type of bed-wetting issue. The waterproof exterior protects the supportive foam core to ensure maximum comfort and therapeutic sleep. SaniSnooze is the most convenient, cost-effective solution for incontinence, allowing users and caregivers to rest easily. 

Our mission at SaniSnooze™ is to get you back to sleep faster. SaniSnooze™ will keep your mattress core clean and dry all night long.