incontinence holidays
incontinence holidays

Overcoming Incontinence During the Holidays

The holiday season is here with family gatherings, delicious treats, and festivities of all kinds. No matter how you plan to celebrate, the last thing on your mind should be a bladder leakage.  Here are some tips for overcoming incontinence so that you can treasure the season without having to worry about incontinence over the holidays.   

Enjoying festive treats

The holidays are a perfect time to indulge in festive treats, but some foods can worsen urinary incontinence. Hot and spicy foods are widely known to upset the stomach, but they can also irritate the lining of the bladder. Other culprits are tomatoes, citrus fruits and chocolate because they make urine more acidic. Instead, try to eat foods like avocado, bananas, spinach, almonds and cucumbers. They make the urine more alkaline, which can reduce episodes of urge incontinence. Also, make sure not to over-indulge on sweet holiday treats and get enough fiber in your diet. This will help prevent weight gain and constipation and minimize the risk of incontinence. 

Drink responsibly

Managing your fluid intake is imperative when dealing with incontinence, but it can be especially hard around the holidays. First and foremost, be sure you are drinking plenty of water so that your bladder is not inflamed or at risk of urinary tract infections. Drinking large amounts at once can lead to accidents, so make sure that you’re spreading the fluid intake throughout the day! While keeping up with hydration, strive to limit: coffee, tea, carbonated drinks and alcohol. These tasty drinks are diuretics, meaning that they result in an increase of urination frequency. 

Tips for traveling

Whether you are driving or flying, don’t let incontinence slow you down. Sip on water continuously to stay hydrated and catch up on your daily water intake once you reach your destination. For road tips, make sure to map out rest stops and restaurants with clean bathrooms before you leave. Free apps like Where is Public Toilet and Flush can be helpful, especially if you need a handicap accessible restroom. For air travel, try to book an aisle seat so you have easy access to the bathroom during your flight. Don’t forget to use the restroom at the airport before you board the plane!  When you arrive at holiday gatherings, be sure to find the bathroom straight away so you won’t have to struggle to find it when the urge strikes. 

Dress for success

Overcoming incontinence doesn’t have to keep you from looking your best during the holidays. Loose-fitting pants and dresses have a classic look and are great for hiding protective undergarments. Darker patterns in blues, greens, grays, browns, and black are particularly good for disguising any leaks or stains. These options still leave you the freedom to wear tops in brighter, lighter colors and fabrics. Do not forget one final step before leaving the house: pack a small tote bag of personal items in case of an accident. Be sure to include extra incontinence products, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, dry clothes, and a disposable plastic bag. It never hurts to be prepared and having these items ready will keep you looking your best. 

Final thoughts

Worrying about incontinence does not have to be on your list of things to do during this magical season.  Be prepared with festive, yet functional outfits and easy access to restrooms. Eat, drink and be merry with foods and beverages that won’t irritate your bladder. If overcoming incontinence is difficult for you, SaniSnooze™ is the best waterproof mattress solution for children and adults of all ages. The fluid-resistant cover protects the supportive foam core to ensure maximum comfort and therapeutic sleep. SaniSnooze is the most convenient, cost-effective solution for incontinence, allowing users and caregivers to rest easily. 

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