SaniSnooze Bedwetting Choosing Mattress
SaniSnooze Bedwetting Choosing Mattress

Should I get a Waterproof Mattress For Incontinence?

Choosing an incontinence mattress can be confusing if you’re not sure what to look for. 

There are many types of waterproof mattresses with different specs, and features on the market today, which can be overwhelming and make it hard to find the best bedwetting mattress for your needs. That’s why it’s so important to take the time and make sure you know what questions to ask yourself before buying anything. 

Here’s information about how to choose a waterproof incontinence mattress.


A waterproof cover is essential to protect the inner core material of the incontinence mattress.  The cover should be latex free, anti-static, and resistant to tears even when the mattress is flipped.  Incontinence mattress covers are constructed of multiple layers.  The outermost layer should be made from soft, breathable material that does not hold heat. This ensures a cool, comfortable surface for restful sleep. The middle layer should consist of a fluid-resistant barrier that is elastic and supple yet durable.  The innermost fire-retardant layer should protect the foam core from flame. The cover should be fully sealed with double layers of stitching and inverted seams with no zippers for protection and comfort. It should protect against bed bugs, dust mites and all types of allergens. Finally, the mattress cover should be antimicrobial and antifungal for the highest standards of health and hygiene.

Foam Core:

High-quality CertiPUR-US® foam offers superior pressure redistribution compared to traditional innerspring mattresses. The foam core should meet high standards for durability and must not contain toxic chemicals such as mercury, lead, formaldehyde or phthalates.  Incontinence mattresses should be available in various thicknesses to meet the needs of children, adolescents and adults who have difficulty with bladder control. Adult users at risk of skin breakdown will require additional soft foam and memory foam layers. 

Size & weight capacity:

Incontinence mattresses should be available for cribs as well as twin, twin XL, full and queen bed sizes. Children can sleep comfortably on 6” thick mattresses while young adults will appreciate thicker 8” thick foam support. Adults should be able to choose from multiple foam mattress thickness options. 6” single layer foam mattresses are convenient and cost-effective while 8” dual layer mattresses provide softer support with a top layer of plush foam. Multi-layer mattresses with memory and plush foam provide maximum pressure redistribution for bariatric users or individuals at risk for bed sores.   

Cleaning & Care:

Incontinence mattresses must be odor resistant even with regular use.  They should clean quickly and easily with soap and water household disinfectant wipes.  Hospital-grade disinfectants and bleach should not be needed.  Users must be able to sleep comfortably at night with quick and easy cleaning in the morning as needed.  


Incontinence mattresses should be specially designed to help protect the self-esteem of users. The mattress covers should be soft and breathable so that they feel like regular mattresses. Supple vinyl materials should silently conform to each movement of the user’s body.  The waterproof cover must clean quickly and easily with no residual odors. Incontinence mattresses are intended to help users sleep comfortably and wake up with dignity. 

What Next?

Overall, there are a few things to consider before choosing an incontinence mattress. At SaniSnooze, we offer the best incontinence products to provide solutions for every age and incontinence issue.  You are not alone and you should not have to compromise the quality of your sleep.

Our SaniSnooze customer support team is here to help guide you through your incontinence and bedwetting solutions.  Please call if you have any questions or concerns.

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