disposable and reusable underpads
disposable and reusable underpads

Choosing Between Disposable and Reusable Underpads

Caregivers have a variety of underpad options to choose from in order to protect linens and furniture from spills or incontinence. They are available in many different sizes and materials for regular or occasional use. In this blog, we help caregivers decide which underpads are best suited for their needs. 

Underpad basics

All underpads are constructed with a soft top layer and a waterproof bottom layer. The absorption level is not determined by the size of the underpad but rather by the type and density of the material within the core. Polymer cores are made from special powders that can absorb and retain extremely large amounts of liquid. Fluid is pulled to the center of the pad which helps keep the skin dry and minimize odors. Underpads with fluff cores are cheaper but they are less absorbent which means that the top will still feel wet to the touch. 

Choosing underpads

Small disposable underpads with fluff cores can be used to protect chairs and furniture from spills or prevent soiling clothing when administering enteral feedings. Large disposable underpads with polymer cores can be placed under incontinent patients to pull moisture and wetness away from the skin. Pressure relieving therapy beds with low air loss mattresses require special air permeable disposable underpads to protect the patient’s skin. Reusable washable underpads are more cost effective than their disposable counterparts and can also be used as sturdy draw sheets.

Final thoughts

All disposable and reusable underpads have absorbent cores with waterproof backings to provide protection against incontinence and all types of spills. Disposable underpads are ideal for occasional use while reusable underpads are a less expensive option for regular use.  HomeCare Hospital Beds has a wide variety of incontinence products and supplies to help people manage symptoms and protect their skin from irritation. Disposable and reusable underpads are available along with waterproof mattresses and covers, protective underwear and skin barrier creams. People who are at high risk of skin breakdown should check with their doctor before purchasing incontinence supplies.  

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