date with incontinence
date with incontinence

Date With Confidence as You Deal With Incontinence

Valentine’s Day is here with love notes, candlelight dinners and romantic movies. No matter how you plan to celebrate, the last thing on your mind should be bladder leakage. Here are some tips for overcoming incontinence so you can treasure this special day with the one you love. 

Dress for success

Overcoming incontinence doesn’t have to keep you from looking your best on Valentine’s Day. Loose-fitting pants and dresses have a classic look and are great for hiding protective undergarments! Darker patterns in blues, greens, grays, browns, and black are particularly good for disguising any leaks or stains. These options still leave you the freedom to wear shirts or blouses in brighter, lighter colors and fabrics. Do not forget one final step before leaving the house – pack a small tote bag of personal items and matching clothes in case of an accident. Be sure to include extra incontinence products, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, dry clothes, and a disposable plastic bag. It never hurts to be prepared and having these items ready will keep you looking your best. 

Avoid the triggers

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to indulge in romantic treats, but some foods can worsen urinary incontinence. Hot and spicy foods are widely known to upset the stomach, but they can also irritate the lining of the bladder and cause accidents. Other culprits are tomatoes, citrus fruits and chocolate because they make urine more acidic. Instead, try to enjoy lean proteins, green beans, potatoes and whole-grain breads. Almonds, cashews and peanuts are yummy appetizers that can help soothe an upset bladder. 

Limit fluid intake but don’t dehydrate

When you are out on a date, be smart about your fluid intake. If you plan to watch a long movie, stop drinking water about an hour before the show so you can minimize trips to the bathroom. You can suck on hard candies to keep your mouth from getting too dry. Pass on acidic fruit juices, carbonated beverages and alcohol because they also irritate the bladder. In addition, alcohol is a diuretic, which means even more trips to the restroom. Water, caffeine-free herbal tea or cider are better choices, especially if a restroom is not nearby.  

Have a restroom strategy

Sitting through a long movie or multi-course meal can be a problem if you have an overactive bladder. Look around to find the restroom as soon as you arrive at the restaurant or theater. Make sure to use it first thing and again before you leave. Also check to see if family-style restrooms are available because they offer more space and privacy than stalls. In the theater, try to pick an aisle seat so you can sneak out to use the restroom if necessary.  

Communicate with your date

Even though incontinence is an uncomfortable topic for many people, it should not keep people from dating or having fulfilling relationships with their partners. It’s not necessary to divulge intimate medical details initially, but trying to keep incontinence hidden forever is simply not an option. The best time to speak up is after a few dates when the relationship is becoming serious but before you consider becoming intimate.  An honest conversation with your partner is the best approach. Don’t bring it up casually or in passing but be straightforward that incontinence is a real medical condition. A bit of humor can help diffuse tension and foster understanding as well. Open communication will help create an even more trusting, caring relationship for you and your partner. 

Final thoughts

The suggestions described above can help keep incontinence from ruining your plans for romance. If urinary incontinence is a chronic problem, a waterproof mattress may be a good idea. SaniSnooze™ is the best incontinence mattress solution for children and adults of all ages with every type of bed-wetting issue. The waterproof exterior protects the supportive foam core to ensure maximum comfort and therapeutic sleep. SaniSnooze™ is the most convenient, cost-effective solution for incontinence, allowing users and caregivers to rest easily. 

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